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Foreign Partners & Corporates

International House Cape Town, South Africa, visited St. Petersburg in October 2012

Gavin Eyre, Managing Director

Hi All, I would just like to commend the guys at Mango Travel for thier excellent serivice that they gave me on my recent visit to St Petersburg and Moscow. The Comfort Hotel I stayed in in St Petersburg is very central and very nice for the price. Moscow was a little different and I stayed at the new Kyznetsky Hotel. The Hotel is very nice but has certainly a long way to go before it recieves International Travelers. All the transfers, train journeys and all bookings were perectly managed. Thanks to Irina and Eva for everything. Kindest regards Gavin.

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Triumph, Romania

Our last group in June were very satisfied of your services, about the accomodation , everything.

 Hope in a future collaboration for next year .

Liana Pop,  



Bd. TRAIAN nr. 5/58, BAIA MARE

Tel/Fax: 0262-225322

Mobil: 0735-401001 Vasile Sandor - General Manager

0735-401002 Adriana Pripon

0735-401003 Liana Pop

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Comet Consular Services AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Andrey Makoveychuk

Our cooperation with Mango Travel has not lasted for a long time but we can definitely say that Irina and her team perform their services in a professional way. All our requests, be it arranging necessary documentation, organizing transfer for our clients as well as interpretation and translation services were performed accurately within determined time frame and with highest possible quality. By our experience we know, that high-speed and qualitative services are not always the case when dealing with travel agencies in Russia. Mango Travel certifies the opposite and we are glad we have a reliable partner we can trust.


Qualitime, India

Raghu Nandanan NT

During October, 2012 me & my two business associated had a tour to Saint Petersburg. We are very happy with all arrangements made by Mango Travel. They were very quick to all our travel requirements. Accommodation was very good, hotel management was flexible to all our needs. Guide was also good. In case of any need, surely I will contact you. Also I would like to recommend Mango Travel to my friends. Thank you very much Mango Travel Team.

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Interpipe Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Pavlo Shtofel, Leading Purchaising Specialist

Dear Irina,

Let me thank you and all Mango Travel Team for the great business trip arrangement.

It was my first time in St. Petersburg and your company made it unforgettable!

Transfer service was very punctual and competent - we didn't spent in the traffic jam any minute. All non-business activities such as: theater, ballet and contemporary art exhibition were well organized and made our stay in the city very interesting.

I wish you success and prosperity in your work and looking forward coming back in St. Petersburg!

Russian Partners & Corporates

Best Technique LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia

Fatima Danilova, Chief of Marketing Department

We would like to thank Mango Travel for cooperation, during which they proved themselves as a reliable partner doing their best to provide a perfect level of service.

We’d like to mention responsiveness, timeliness and accuracy which distinguish Mango Travel and make this company the one you would like to go on working with.


ASTA Travel, St. Petersburg, Russia

ASTA Travel is working with us for around 3 years. We provide the company with transfers and car rentals.

Dear colleagues,

Summarizing  travel season 2012 we’d like to thank you for such a pleasant cooperation.  When making an order with you, we are always sure that the service will be provided at its best: ease of placing an order, prompt confirmation,

timely information about the transport ordered, new cars, friendly and professional drivers who speak English - all these components bring true pleasure of work with you.

With respect and hope for future cooperation,



M21, St. Petersburg, Russia

Men of the 21st century is a centre for social support for men and family welfare. We cooperate with this non-commercial organisation since our opening in 2010, and are very happy to still have them as one of our dearest long-term partners and true friends.

We implement a big social project together with our partners from Sweden (SIDA, MFJ). This project involves three Russian and two Swedish organizations. We have planned a number of activities, both in Sweden and Russia, from coordination meetings to conferences and exhibitions.

I used to spend a lot of time for solving organisational issues: site search, transfers, accommodation for foreign colleagues, etc. Now I happily realize that this "headache" is a load off my mind as Mango Travel took care of everything we need, and, most importantly, it is more cost-effective. Of course, I had concerns that the organizational process should still be controlled, but while working with Mango, I realized that all I need to do is to just to send the task with general requirements, and it  will be quickly, efficiently and timely fulfilled.

It is a real pleasure to deal with you, Mango Travel team! We became true friends, and I hope to keep up these warm relations.

Thank you!

Andrew Kolpakov

Project manager MIR3

ANO "Men of the 21st century"






Trinity, St. Petersburg, Russia

Our company is in partnership with more than 35 companies - manufacturers of server hardware and software. With each of the companies we carry out various marketing and promotional activities. My job is to organize and conduct a variety of different events, meetings, conferences, corporate celebrations of various events, and more. The organization of such activities requires a lot of time and resources on all stages: planning event, developing the scenario, finding the right site and facilities, negotiations, coordination of many issues, the choice of guest accommodation, constant contact on all matters with a lot of colleagues and participants involved, work on site during the event – all these things are quite a task. Of course, you can take care of everything on your own, however then you have no time for other, more important tasks: reports and new activities planning.

Mango Travel takes care of all these worries when required. I can easily delegate almost any task to Mango Travel specialists, even when I myself still do not really know exactly what I want! For instance, sometimes we have a very rough idea with estimated timing, and Mango Travel can develop this idea into a well-planned event or a meeting! It's very comfortable and really important for me. I can rely on these guys!

I am grateful for the quality work and attention!


Elena Lysenko

Marketing Manager

CJSC "Trinity"


August 2012

Christophe Gilbert (Reims, France)

I am very pleased with contact by mail and phone with Eva Simouni to prepare my last trip to Russia in August especially my stay in Petersburg, with perfect organization of train ticket on Snapsan as well as visit of Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) both at very reasonable prices for money too!


Olga Ustenko, Moscow, regular visits to St. Petersburg in 2010-2012

When a MAN, called Olga, GOes travelling to Saint-Petersburg, she definitely chooses MangoTravel. When I go to see the impressive beauties of the city, all I want to think about is my pleasure, everything else I trust them –arranging my accommodation, transport, tickets. I just give my preferences, budget limits and get back their nice attitude, detailed information, professional advice and the feeling of being needed. I truly appreciate their manager Eva’s help and patience. I will certainly use the service again and againJ Thank you!!!

Olga is the owner of the wonderful online shop selling unique hand-made bags, funny passport covers and other brilliant ideas for gifts!


June 2011

Julian Dröscher (Walldorf, Germany), individual St. Petersburg tour for 7 guests

We enjoyed our trip very much. St. Petersburg is a great city for such a trip (of course trip was too short).

Thanks for the services, everything went very well. Both guides in St. Petersburg did an excellent job. We got plenty of information on the city as well as Catherine's Palace. Both ladies answered our questions competently and also gave us a lot of information about life in St. Petersburg and Russia. Everything worked out fine and was perfectly organized. 
We will be glad to recommend your company - and especially our guides - to friends and acquaintances visiting St. Petersburg.


November 2010

Al and Nancy Baker and Family (USA), individual tour of St. Petersburg 

Dear Irina,

We were very impressed with Mango Travel's service.  Alex was fantastic!  Your service was punctual, the cars were clean and the drivers were competent. Alex was well informed.
The day we toured the Hermitage it was my birthday.  What a great way to start another year!

We wish you success and happiness in 2011.

Nancy Baker

Assistance League® of Sacramento, Vice President, Public Relations, Caring & Commitment in Action


August 2010

Dan Burton MSc BEng (UK), individual tour Moscow – St. Petersburg

I visited Moscow and St Petersburg during the summer of 2010, Mango travel were my agents throughout.  They were very professional up front, helping me to process the complex visa documents, and following up with a seamless transfer from the airport to the hotel where they had made reservations. They also offered a bespoke service and provided me with detailed travel directions to a UNESCO site Sergiev Posad 20km to the north of Moscow, such that I was able
to take the bus there and the train back, without any extra guidance. Mango were exceptional throughout my stay, and I thoroughly recommend them to visitors the region, especially to those with
travel plans which do not exist within the sphere of most tourists.