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Arrival to Russia

Choose among different ways of coming to Russia. Moscow, St. Petersburg and other big cities have a variety of international connections by air, train, bus or ship.




By plane

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are served by direct flights from most European capitals, and Moscow also has direct flights from many cities in East Asia, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and North America. There are airports in all large cities in Russia. Some international servicecan be found in Novosibirsk, Sochi, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad and Yekaterinburg. International service to other destinations is limited, however you can travel there via Moscow or other bigger cities. There are a lot of regular Russian domestic flights. For details on flights and airports see our air travel section.


What to do when you've arrived

Non-Russian citizens, upon arrival in Russia, will be expected to fill in two copies of the migration card. Passport control officers will tear off one half of the migration card and leave you with the other half, and it should be stamped. Keep track of this card as you will need it to register your visa and for your departure from Russia. Not being able to present a migration card when leaving Russia can result in fines and can potentially result in a wait of several days while the authorities decide what to do with you.