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Russian customs

Russian customs (1)

Once you've got the visa, things become really simple (unless you bring your own car). The regulations are not much different from anywhere else. There are limits on how many cigarettes, how much alcohol you can bring in. You can also bring in up to $3000 US in cash without declaring it, if you've got more on you make sure it's declared, so that when you leave they don't charge a tax on it. Regarding equipment, you can bring stuff worth not more than $2000 US without a tax. If you've got more expensive items, you'll have to pay 30% tax on them. So if you want to avoid that say it's for your personal use, very old, crappy, and cheap. If you're taking any medicines, make sure they are allowed in Russia and always carry your prescription with you, so the customs don't think you're carrying drugs.

The following items are subject to declaration and limited entry to Russia. These items (or excess) should be declared and you should pass through the "red corridor". Some of the items that are being brought to Russia permanently, for sale or commercial use, may incur customs tax, which can go up to 30% of the total price (that is usually determined by the customs officials).
• Cash foreign currencies (if equivalent or more than $3000 US)
• Stocks and securities, including travelers cheques
• Alchohol (if more than 2 liters),
• Cigarettes (if more than 100), tabacco (if more than 250 gramm), cigars(in more than 50),
• Caviar (if more than 250 gramm), sturgeon(if more than 250 gm),
• Items for commercial activity (including advertising materials)
You can still bring in between $3000 and $10000 (or equivalent), but if you have more than $3000, you need to declare it, so when you leave the country you can prove you're not taking the money out of Russia.
The customs rules and procedures change often, so to get the latest update contact Customs Department of Sheremetyevo II international airport in Moscow at +7 495 578-7653. There are also customs information desks in the airport.

If you have any goods or items that are subject to declaration, you should fill in a special customs declaration form (available upon arrival) and pass through the "red corridor" at a Russian airport or customs point at the border.
If you bring in something that you think may be questioned when you come out of Russia, it's better to declare it directly when you come in. That way you will be able to prove you are not exporting it, but had it with you when you entered the country first place. Always make sure you keep the stamped declaration until the end of your trip to avoid problems when leaving the country.