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Russian Souvenirs

Russian Souvenirs (0)

Russian souvenirs reflect the national character and soul of Russian people. Lively, carved and painted figurines, nesting dolls, birch boxes and accessories, Gzhel and Majolica Ceramics, Mstera, Kholuy, Palekh and Fedoskino wooden boxes, tin soldiers, clocks, wooden figures are to everyone's liking. These examples of Great Russian culture will decorate your house and bring you back memories of Russia. 

Looking for something unusual and yet beautiful? Our Russian Souvenirs Stores offer you highly artistic articles handcrafted by gifted masters. In every piece you will find reflections of millennium long traditions of Russian folk and decorative art. Every item will make a great addition to any collection or a perfect gift for any occasion.

Nesting dolls - Matreshkas, or nesting dolls, are the most popular national Russian souvenirs. It is a collection of traditionally painted wooden dolls, each one stacking neatly within another. Matreshka is a descendant of traditional peasant toys that parents used to make for their children.

Birch Boxes - Birch bark items are made of pure birch or can be decorated by cutting through birch and stamping. Stamping on birch is one of the oldest handicrafts. The production of birch bark items was very popular in Russia.

Ceramics - porcelain, faience, majolica, and pottery - are made of fired clay with mineral components. Ceramic items are performed in traditional national style but with artists' individual vision

Lacquer boxes - the first lacquer boxes appeared in Japan and China. Starting from the 16th century, the art of making such boxes spread in Western Europe. First Russian lacquer boxes appeared at the beginning of the 18th century.

Samovar - an indigenous design for brewing tea. Note that when purchasing samovars of value (historical, precious gems or metal, etc.), it is wise to check with customs before attempting to take it out of the country

Ushanka  - a warm hat with ears (ushi)

Honey  - produced around the country; sorts and quality vary dramatically, but the higher-quality are worth seeking. 

Caviar -  only red since 2007 (producing and selling black caviar is prohibited for ecological reasons) most easy to find in large stores

Be advised, however, that the law prohibits anyone from taking artwork of historical significance out of the country, so buyer/exporter beware of any older works of art or antiques.  This rule is applied especially to icons.  If you purchase artwork that is not old, you should get a certification from the seller which states the age of the item and the cost, in case you are questioned about it at the border.  Don't worry, the merchants are familiar with these rules and will know what you want and why you are asking for it.  If you buy something that is, or appears to be old, and the seller won't certify it, you might be well-advised to pass it up.