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"The mini-city" which has opened in Aleksandrovsky park of St-Petersburg, became a new tourist attraction. It includes mini copies of the main Petersburg architectural masterpieces. Among them there are ensembles of the Palace and Senate…

In St-Petersburg mounting of a guard of honor at Naryshkin bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress, cancelled in 1926, is renewed. It will be conducted every Saturday at 11.45 till October.    

The project, focused on individual foreign and Russian tourists, was joined by 20 museums and other organizations of the northern capital. Among the new declared partners is the "Tsarskoje Selo", "Pavlovsk", "Gatchina", the Konstantinovsky Palace,…

"Museum Night" - an annual event dedicated to International Museum Day. In 2011, the "Night of Museums" will be held on the night of 21 to 22 May.