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Dostoevsky’s St. Petersburg

Duration3 hours
Excursion type museums
Period Every day


Fyodor Dostoevsky, the famous Russian novelist, journalist and short-story writer spent much of his life in Russia’s Northern Capital, even though he was born in Moscow. In his novels Saint Petersburg is depicted not only as a city of beautiful palaces and mansions, but a city of dark lanes and streets, tenement houses, narrow canals, yard-wells and unsavory characters. If you are interested in Dostoevsky, his novel Crime and Punishment, or any other works of this famous Russian writer, it’s worth scoping out some of the sites that inspired Dostoevsky or that have been dedicated to him in memorial. Our guide will show you the places connected to the writer and heroes of his novels. You will pass along Stolyarny lane and Raskolnikov´s house, cross the Kokushkin bridge, go to Sennaya Square (Hay Square) and pay a visit to the Dostoevsky Memorial Apartment. The writer lived here for 4 years with his wife and children. Finally, you will visit Dostoevsky’s grave in Tikhvin Cemetery (Lavra) in St. Petersburg


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