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The Russian Museum


Duration3 hours
Excursion type museums
Period Every day except Tu


Rivaling the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow as the world's finest collection of Russian art, the Russian Museum is the first state museum of the Russian fine art in the country. The Russian Museum today is a unique depository of artistic treasures, a famous restoration center. Its collection contains circa 400.000 exhibits. The main complex of museum buildings - the Mikhailovsky Palace and Benois Wing - houses the permanent exhibition, tracing the entire history of Russian art from the tenth to the twentieth centuries. The museum collection embraces all forms, genres, schools and movements of art. Also the Museum holds more than 50 temporary exhibitions and organizes more than 10 in other cities and abroad annually.

Over the past twenty years, the museum complex has grown to include the Stroganov Palace, St Michael's (Engineers) Castle and the Marble Palace. The complex also includes the Mikhailovsky Gardens, Engineering Gardens, Summer Garden (including the Summer Palace) and the House of Peter the Great.


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